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Leadership in Healthcare

  • Understand the concept of leadership and the main theories
  • Understand the importance of leadership
  • Examine the role, duties, and responsibilities of a team leader in the workplace

Train the Healthcare Trainer


For healthcare personnel who have a role in training other staff members:

  • Master evidence-based learning principles
  • Design learning plans
  • Demonstrate teaching and training practice of expert trainers

Conflict Management

  • Understand the conflict management
  • Identify signs and symptoms of conflict
  • Recognize sources and types of conflict
  • Learn how to manage conflict successfully

Work Remotely & Join a Successful Team

  • Learn the benefits and challenges of remote working
  • Design an effective action plan for remote working
  • Explore project management tools and resources required for working remotely

Problem Solving Skills & Decision-Making Skills

  • Introduction about problem solving skills and decision-making skills
  • Elements of problem solving & decision-making
  • Process of decision-making
  • Steps of problems solving
  • How to use problem-solving in healthcare organizations

Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals

  • Highlight the importance of communication
  • Discuss the secrets of clear communication
  • Describe the methods of improving communication between providers